Jarvis Transcriptions Latin translations and transcriptions of historical documents
   Jarvis TranscriptionsLatin translations and transcriptions of historical documents

Genealogical and archive services

In addition to our document transcriptions services, we provided genealogical and archival services for family historians, community groups and charities.


Genealogists know that subscription-based websites which provide digitised and indexed images of censuses and indexed access to civil registration have made it possible to research family history in a fraction of the time it took in the past.


However, there are several problems familiar to family historians: mistranscriptions and missing information in censuses; a lack of online indexed material available for periods before the early 19th century; poor indexing of online sources such as wills.





We have extensive experience researching nineteenth century censuses, and can quickly browse enumerators' books to verify information and check for mistranscriptions, and to assess for completeness.


We can quickly and efficiently browse unindexed digital images, or check the accuracy of indexes, for any source available online, or visit archives to consult the large majority of indexes, calendars and original records that are not available online.



For individuals or community groups holding their own archives, we can provide help and advice with appraisal, box listing, cataloguing and packaging to archival standards.

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